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On the afternoon of October 5, 1996 over 100 Chinese medicine society presidents and their representatives from more than 20 countries all over the world got together in the auditorium at 987 N Broadway, Los Angeles to celebrate the founding of World Chinese Medicine & Herbs United Association. The association was co-founded by Yue Li Cui, President of China Chinese Medicine Society (former Minister of Health in China), Xiu En Xu, President of American Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society and Korean Chinese Medicine Society, Mrs. Rong Rong Jin Tu, wife of Quan Fu Tu, former Director of Taiwan Chinese Medicine Doctor Society, Shu Meng, Director of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Society, Bi Lu Fei, President of California Licensed Acupuncturists Society, Zheng Ming Zhao, Chairman of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Academic Developing Council, etc. US President Bill Clinton and California Governor sent their congratulation letters. The ceremony was solemn and warm.

WCMUA belongs to International Martial Arts Federation (IMAF), a non-profit organization. Its mission is to develop Chinese quintessence, promote traditional Chinese medicine, to cure disease and save people’s lives by using methods including bone healing, acupuncture, tuina, acupressure, Qi-gong, cupping, physical and natural therapies, in combination with Chinese medicine and herbs. The association tried to connect the Chinese medicine communities, practitioners, organizations and groups all over the world, learn from each other, exchange ideas, research, discuss and share the latest development of products and knowledge, to do good deeds to the society and improve human lives.

Currently one third of the Chinese people use Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine therapy, and more and more people in other countries use Chinese medicine. So 21st Century will be a century of Chinese medicine. In order to get international recognition, the association recently started a signature campaign to support Chinese medicine, struggle for the legal status of Chinese medicine.

Dr. Che Cheng Chiang, President of International Martial Arts Federation, Director of International Martial Arts Medical University and former director of China Chinese Medicine Society was elected to be the first president of the association. Dr. Chiang has been promoting enthusiastically Chinese quintessence for more than 30 years in overseas and making great contribution to the overseas Chinese and local people.


Life Honorary Presidents: Li Fu Chen, Shou Shan Chen, Zuo Yun Ding, Jie Situ

Life Founding Presidents: Yi Huang, Xuan Heng Huang, Bi Lu Fei, Mao Zhen Sheng, Che Cheng Chiang, Ke Xin Bao.

Honorary Presidents: Yue Li Cui, Hong Chang Wu, Zheng Xian Yang, Shan De Huang, Yu Zhen Wang, Jun Ming Chen.

Honorary Vice Presidents: Xin Xiong Chen, Mei Hui Huang, Xing Li Ma, Yong Shui Wu, Jiang Chuan Li, Jiang Han Xie

President: Che Cheng Chiang

Vice President: Jia Jun Liu, Richard Chen.

Directors: Jian Qiu Sun, Xin Chen.

Honorary Advisors: Xiu En Xu, Su Ling Wang, Yan Yan Lu, Yun Jie Li, Tai Shan Zhao, Xue Feng Zheng.

Advisors: Yi Ding Wang, Yi Yuan Chen, Fu Rong Bei, Jian Fu Jiang, Wen Qi Feng, Kang Ci Ma.

Chief Commissioner of Chinese Medicine Practitioner Qualification Evaluation Committee: Xin Xiong Chen.

Chief Commissioner of Chinese Medicine Evaluation Committee: Richard Chen

Chief Commissioner of Product R&D Committee: Jia Jun Liu.



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