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Don't Worry about Aging
President of International Martial Arts Federation, Dr. Che Cheng Chiang

How to Pass Climacteric?

A person's climactic begins at around 50, and most people are molested by symptoms of climactic, especially women who may suffer from frequent micturition, insomnia, sore waist and aching back, anxiety, fatigue, dry and aging skin, atrophy and dryness of vagina that causes pain in sexual intercourse. But there are many people of middle age passed their climacteric without these symptoms or light ones, because these lucky people are healthy. Modern women play many roles in the society, they work hard for a long time both at home and at work, causing mental and physical burden that causes harm to adrenal gland. When adrenal gland is less functional, the person cannot face pressure, and this leads to less secretion of hormone, causing bad taste of mouth, frequent micturition, losing balance of secretion, and speeding-up aging.

If you are aging, but you do not lose interest in life, you cannot get weak physically although your age is increasing year by year. Psychological factors are very important to health. Bad feelings can lead to illness, so you should have optimistic attitude towards life as well as get rid of the world of desires, in this way you can keep health mentally and physically, delay aging, and you will look younger than you actually are.

What to Do with Menopause?

menopause may cause some serious physiological symptoms. Some women need additional hormone to deal with the symptoms. But research in recent years has found that taking hormone for a long time will increase the rate of suffering breast cancer, so many women dare not receive hormone therapy. In fact, patients can use one kind of hormone gotten from plants that has no side effect. I suggest that you eat more vegetables, fruits, beans, fish, and dairy products, plus multi-vitamin and fish oil.

Prevent Aging of Legs.

A saying goes that a person begins aging from his legs. It means that a person's legs degenerate earlier than his arms. Degeneration of legs makes people often feel weak. The importance of legs to a person's health is like that of a motor to a machine. If a motor stops, the machine cannot run. A person reaches middle age, his muscle of legs begins to decrease, bone become loose and soft, and less elastic and tenacious. At this stage you still think your health is OK and pay less attention to exercise,  your important organs will quickly degenerate, causing your aging. Legs are farther away from heart and arms, so it is more difficult for blood to flow back to heart because of gravity. When a person becomes old, his blood vessels are less elastic, causing problem in circulation of blood, so it is more difficult for legs to recover from fatigue than arms. Generally speaking, a person with strong muscle in legs has a stronger heart, so we can say one old man who walks steadily and fast must be a man of longevity.

Know-how of Anti-Aging

Since his birth, a person began to take a course of aging, including birth, aging, illness and death. This course of degenerating physical function is a natural rule that people cannot escape from. But we can retard the course of aging, and the key point is that we should know how to deal with aging. Aging is closely related to gene, but good nutrition such as green tea and tomato, etc. can guard our bodies from being harmed, and even retard aging. Common people prefer some foods and dislike the other foods, this is not a good habit, because he cannot absorb all the nutrition needed by the body. That can lead to chronic disease. It is harmful for some people to take drugs and pills for a long time, because medicine can bring trouble to their bodies. Although some tonics are useful, it is better to take more natural foods in proper amount.

Nine Kinds of Know-how of Anti-Aging

1. Anti-oxidant
2. Immunity
3. Nutrition
4. Gene
5. Interest
6. Anti-depression
7. Nature
8. Temperance
9. Belief in God

Ten Foods for Anti-Aging

1. Juice pear
2. Strawberry
3. Lemon
4. Green flower cabbage
5. Cabbage
6. Carrot
7. Grape
8. Onion
9. Spinach
10. Tomato

Some Key Points to Keep You Healthy

1. Preventing cardiac vascular diseases:
Total amount of cholesterol remains under 180; LDL-D cholesterol remains under 130, HDL-D cholesterol remains above 45. Triglucepides remains under 180. People of age of over 40 should be examined at least once a year for cardiac vascular diseases, in this way you can increase 10-15 years to your life expectancy.

2. Preventing cancer:
90% of cancers can be found at the early stage of illness and cured, if people can have a regular examination. Following foods can help prevent cancers:

1) Purple perilla
2) Gill fungus
3) Crown daisy
4) Ginger
5) Garlic
6) Celery
7) Radish

These vegetables are rich in  nutrition, have function to promote movement of intestines, have function to detoxicate and anti-cancer.

3. Preventing Stroke
You should remain blood vessels unimpeded and stable blood pressure, i.e. diastolic pressure under 80, systolic pressure under 120, by proper diet and controlling weight. Cholesterol and trigluceride remain under 180. If you take often deep-sea fish oil, you can effectively lower systolic pressure of a high-blood-pressure patient. A patient, who suffers from artery sclerosis, high cholesterol, and high blood calcium, needs to be regularly examined, and find cancer early. In this way, you can prolong life.

4. Preventing diabetes:
You can decreases risk of suffering from diabetes and prolong your life by remaining good weight, doing proper exercise, avoiding too much sugar, starch and fat taken.

Besides carrying out the above-mentioned know-how used in keeping body healthy, one should always pay attention to the change of his/her body. If you feel uncomfortable, you should go to see your doctor immediately. You should have a good schedule of work and rest. Take some measures to improve your health. If possible, you are recommended to recite poetry, play music, and sing a song everyday, in this way, you can keep your mind open and happy, and you should stay harmony with your family and maintain good relationship with other people. If you do all of the above-mentioned things, you will retard aging and live for 100 years.




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