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Diet Is a Key Point of Life
President of International Martial Arts Federation, Dr. Che Cheng Chiang

In daily life everyone pays much attention to his food and drink. As a Chinese saying goes, when you get up in the morning and open your door, you are concerned about seven things: fuel, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea, each relating to food and drink. Because of progress of civilization, human being changed from eating raw flesh of birds and beasts in the ancient time to enjoying deliciously cooked food with good color, good smell and good taste. Progress in eating is an expression of human civilization. Vegetarian, no matter for religious reason or non-religious reason, benefits to health. But you should eat less vegetarian fish and vegetarian meat or other refrigerated foods, which contain manufactured additives and other chemicals.

What Foods Are Good?

Eating fine white rice can benefit digestion of stomach and intestines. But fine rice contains small amount of residence of agricultural chemicals and mercury powder. It is better for you to eat rough brown rice instead of fine white rice, or add one third brown rice to white rice, or add two tenth of wheat to white rice, you can, in this way, promote digestion and excretion. Because there are often waste gases and thirty materials in stomach and intestine, you should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and seaweed and small fish that rich in protein. The adhesive material in seaweed can help quickly excrete the wastes in the body, such as cholesterol and uric acid. Above-mentioned diet is more effective than health products and pills in keeping the body healthy.

Some Points about Diet.

In daily life, food eaten into mouth will normally be excreted in eight to twelve hours. If you eat only steak and other meats everyday without eating vegetables, it will take you three times more time, even seventy-two hours, to excrete the eaten foods. So I suggest you eat more fish instead of meat, as it takes twelve hours to excrete. If you eat only easily digested foods, such as vegetables, fruit, and other vegetarian foods, it takes only eight hours to excrete. It has been proven that eating more meat will cause disorder in digestive system and excretion system. Waste materials remaining in blood vessels for a long time will become smelly, bring disorder of metabolism, causing vascular sclerosis and blockage of blood vessels, accumulating cholesterol and uric acid. These disorders can lead to heart trouble, high blood pressure, diabetes, and rheumatic arthritis, even lead to serious diseases, such as stroke and cancer, and death. Everyone should take less salt and white sand sugar, you can eat black sand sugar, crystal sugar and honey, instead of white sand sugar. You should eat as little as possible, mold food containing harmful material, smoked food, salted food, and food containing much fat. You should eat less food containing preservatives and chemicals, stale food, and canned food; you should take less above-mentioned foods in order to prevent illness or cancer. Moreover you should not go to bed within three hours after dinner, in order to prevent obesity.

It is Good to Drink Some Wine Everyday.

Alcohol not only promote circulation of blood and improves metabolism, but also expand coronary artery of heart and benefits circulation of blood in heart, supplying enough nutrition and oxygen to heart. It has been proved that wine and beer benefit human body. If you drink a small amount of beer each day, it can strengthen bladder's ability to shrink, facilitate passing water, dissolve accumulated stone in bladder and excrete the stone, in this way your urinary organ can be kept from aging. Both men and women of middle age and old age can drink a small amount of wine and beer to reduce danger of heart attack. Beer and wine containing diuretic and other herbs are better than tonics.

Cellulose Is Important.

Cellulose is a matter that is not nutritious and cannot be decomposed by digestive system. There are two types of celluloses: one that can be absorbed and the other that cannot be absorbed. Unabsorbed one can help bowel to move, reducing risk of colon cancer and hemorrhoid. Foods containing unabsorbed cellulose are: malt sugar, rice sugar, fruit and leaves of vegetables. Absorbed cellulose can reduce amount of cholesterol and lower the risk of heart diseases, and control effectively blood sugar. Absorbed cellulose is usually found in oaks, beans, vegetables and fruits. As cellulose absorbs a lot of water, so when you take in cellulose, you should drink more water (one person needs 6-8 glasses of water a day). One person needs 20-30 grams of cellulose a day to help bowel movement and keep the body healthy.

Top 20 Detox Foods

1. Sweet potato containing easy-digested fiber, improves bowel movement.

2. Green bean removes heat and damp, detoxifies, promotes urine flow, decreases swelling, and quenches thirst.

3. Oat cleans colon, improve bowel movement.

4. Pearl barley improves blood circulation, metabolism, promotes urine flow, decreases swelling.

5. Millet a mild fiber, containing no bran, does not stimulate the wall of the intestines, helps remove heat and promote urine flow, enhances your look and whitens your skin.

6. Coarse rice whole grain, rich in fiber, absorbs water and fat, gives you the feeling of fullness, cleans intestines, improve bowel movement, help detoxify.

7. Red bean improves bowel movement, reduces constipation, and promotes urine flow.

8. Lotus root promotes urine flow, purifies blood by removing waste from the body.

9. Yam promotes digestion system, reduces the build-up of under-skin fat, avoids obesity, and strengthens immune function.

10. Burdock improves blood circulation and metabolism, adjusts intestine function, the eatable fiber can maintain moisture, soften excrement and eliminate constipation.

11. Asparagus contains multi-nutrition, can remove excessive moisture in your body, helps detoxify.

12. Onion improves bowel movement, strengthens digestion, the combination of abundant sulfur and protein protects liver and improves detoxification.

13. Yogurt rich in lactic acid bacteria, improves constipation and stabilizes stomach condition.

14. Boussingaultia gracilis Mier lowers blood sugar, treats constipation, reduces burden of the body.

15. Chrysanthemum contains abundant Vitamin A, protects your liver and help detoxification.

16. Sweet potato leaf improves bowel movement, prevent constipation.

17. Carrot leaf contains abundant vitamin and fiber, improve appetite, intestine function and constipation.

18. Carrot contains abundant Carotene B, improves constipation.

19. Turnip promotes urine flow, the fiber can improve constipation, and loose weight.

20. Vinegar improves metabolism, removes acid food from your body, releases tiredness, promotes bowel movement and urine flow.




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