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Physical Exercises Benefit Health
President of International Martial Arts Federation, Dr. Che Cheng Chiang

If one is alive, he should do physical exercise everyday. If you wish to live longer and healthier, you need to live a regular life and do physical exercises, such as walking. Walking is easy to practice and free, needless any equipment, you don't need to spend money on gym. You should not stop exercise until he sweat, in this way you can burn calorie in your body for the purpose of fighting your fatigue and losing weight. Obesity is a killer in disguise, a fat man may not be happy. If you want to keep healthy and have a fit figure at no cost of money, you can begin with walking and other proper exercises. In addition, exercises can reduce cholesterol, fight against depression of mind, and give person more endurance, low rate of suffering from breast cancer and prostate cancer. Walking can develop muscle, make your annoying potbelly disappear, cure constipation, and improve sleep, walking almost has no side effects to human body. For each meal, you should eat no more than 80% full, and it is better for you to walk slowly for over ten minutes after each meal.

Stay Healthy Is Not  Difficult.

You spend only ten minutes on light exercises, such as gymnastics without equipment, walking, running slowly, or practice Qi gong and Tai Chi Quan, and meditation. One hour before you go to bed, take a hot water bath for ten minutes, this can wash away fatigue, otherwise the fatigue will accumulate to the following day. Hot water bath helps rejuvenate skin. After a busy day of tense work, you put your body into hot water, you will forget tenseness and stress of that day and hot water drives away fatigue. Hot bath benefits your health a lot. After taking a hot bath, you can take a warm shower for one minute, and followed by a cold shower, this will increase the ability to resist disease. If you insist in doing all these for three months, your illness, such as vascular sclerosis, depression in chest, sore waist and aching back, lack of strength at limbs, deficiency of vigor, and other chronic disease, will gradually disappear, and never reoccur again. In this way, you can rebuild your health and live longer.

Exercise Promises Longevity

Proper exercise, such as waking, can make you inhale several times even dozen times of oxygen than a person who doesn't exercise. Haling more oxygen can improve and strengthen circulation of blood and metabolism of body, this benefit your health. When you do exercise hard enough that you sweat, sweating can discharge the harmful elements such as lead, strontium, and platinum from body, enhance the ability to produce white blood cells whose function is to prevent illness, speed up circulation of blood, promote metabolism, improve mood, eliminate worry and anxiety. As exercise can bring a lot of benefits to human body, in recent years, you can see so many people are involved in exercise and martial arts at different places. The average death rate of those who often do exercise is 63% lower than that of those who do not do exercise. In general, no matter what causes death, people who exercise have a lower rate of death than people who do not exercise, because exercise can improve health. People who exercise on a regular base have lower blood pressure, continuous exercise can maintain blood pressure at lower level, this reduces the risk of blood coagulation, promote blood circulation, and improve digestive system. If human body is in good state, muscle  can, when it needs, get sufficient glucose, maintain blood sugar at normal level. Body in healthy state can dispose of fat, exercise changes fat into  energy, in this way, people can lose weight more comfortably than by practicing a strict diet.

What Should You Do Before and After Exercise?

Before exercise, you should spend five minutes on gym to warm up your body. This warm-up exercise can stretch muscle and tendons of the whole body, make people get ready physically and psychologically for starting exercise. If you feel dizzy, nervous, and cannot stand steadily before exercise, it is because your body is weak and your stomach is empty, you may eat some warm and hot food, such as hot soy-bean milk or hot milk, cookies, cereal and cakes, etc., not necessarily in a big amount, but the food must be full of nutrition. After exercise, you should do some slow and relaxing movement, drink some warm water, and do relaxing exercise for five minutes. If you have strained and tired positions on your body, you can do some stretching movements, each lasting about twenty seconds. In this way, you can relax the strained and stiffened positions.



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