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Live a Healthy Life
President of International Martial Arts Federation, Dr. Che Cheng Chiang

At present, life expectancy of mankind keeps increasing. In the year of 2000, about 35 millions of Americans are over 65. There are more and more old people in America, and they live longer and longer. There are about 100 thousand people who are over 100. It is estimated that by the years of 2020, there will be 200 thousand people whose age is over 100. From above-mentioned facts, we can say that it is no longer a dream for one to live one hundred years.

People often say that life is like a drama, which means that everyone comes to and leaves the world just as he travels once on earth. From his childhood to old age, people play various roles, some ending their lives with a comedy,  while others with different tragedies.

Everyone has heard of the saying: Man can triumph over nature. In fact, nature has its inherent laws, for example, the lot of man, including birth, aging, sickness, and death, is irreversible. Same is true to human body that has its own natural rhythm. Living an irregular life is bound to harm health. Each day everyone lives in the circumstance full of pressure, if mental stress accumulates in mind, stagnation of Qi will easily formed, as we often call it as stagnation of vital energy and blood. If this problem remains unsolved for a long time, all kinds of chronic disease will occur. In order to prevent such situation appears, we should live a regular life and do some proper physical exercises each day!

Health is Wealth!

For making a living and founding a career, each on is extremely busy and tense everyday, that easily causes us to come down with illness. The main reasons of illness are exhaustion from working too hard, lack of rest and sleep, which can destroy the balance of circulation of blood and vital energy. To sum up, the reasons of illness are follows:

1. External reasons: weather factors, including wind, chill, hot weather, wet circumstance, dry condition, and heat.

2. Internal reasons: factors of passion and feeling, including happiness, anger, worry, anxiety, grief, fear and being frightened.

3. Other reasons not belonging to above-mentioned factors.

When one can't recover from fatigue produced on a day, but accumulates the fatigue on the following day, he will feel somewhat ill, such as headache, sore at joint and pain at back, circulation of blood and vital energy become weak, causing deficiency of calcium nourishing bones. If one does physical exercises regularly, receives massage, takes hot water bath, he can prevent losing balance of circulation of blood and vital energy, as well as prevent occurrence of arteriosclerosis and other major diseases.

Mystery of Vital Energy and Blood

According to theory of ancient Chinese medicine, the normal physiological function of human body is totally supported by the vital energy and blood, and semen. Imbalance of these elements will result in losing normal function of internal organs, causing illness. So we must keep the vital energy and blood flowing and circulating smoothly, in such a way, we can keep nervous revitalization, and automatically adjust internal secretion and function of internal organs, so that we can keep healthy, make our bodies strong and live a longer life.

What is Vital Energy and Blood?

There are different types of vital energy (in Chinese it is called Qi) which have different names depending on their positions in human body, functions and natures, such as Yuan Qi (vigor), Zhong Qi (principal), Ying Qi (nutrition), Wei Qi (guard), Xue Qi (vital energy), Shen Qi (kidney), and Wei Qi (stomach). These various Qi spread in all parts of a body, forming basic energy and force to maintain life. We always say circulation of vital energy and blood that means vital energy can't be separated from blood. Ancient Chinese often said: vital energy and blood is vigor. A person with enough Qi (vital energy and blood) is full of vigor and vitality, sober-minded. If one person works too hard and is under stress, but lacks rest and sleep, he can easily exhausted and lose balance of circulation of blood, and often suffer from some illness, such as headache, sore in joint and pain in back, serious deficiency of calcium in bones. Poor circulation of blood produces stagnation of vital energy; this is the real reason that causes various diseases and mental stress.



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