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ARTICLE 1. Name: World Chinese Medicine & Herbs United Association (WCMUA). It is located in                      Los Angeles, USA.

ARTICLE 2. Purpose: This Association, in order to develop Chinese unique cultural features, to promote                      Chinese medicine, including Chinese bone healing, acupuncture, shiatsu, massage,                          acupressure, Chinese medicine, cupping method, herbs, chi-kung and nature treatment etc. To                      serve the community and to unify the Chinese medicine doctors, organizations and groups. To                      exchange, research, knowledge, to set the date for discussion and disclose the newest                      knowledge of treatment activities, and new medical products, to serve the community and                      improve the human health.

ARTICLE 3. Organization and Responsibility:

1.   The Association is affiliated to IMAF, a non-profit corporation. In the first year of establishment, there were 15 members to take the name of supervisor and member of the board. Choose the supervisor and directors committee to elect one of them, to be the chairman and president, in charge of the general affairs two vice chairman to assist chairman one and member of board chairman of the board, two vice chairman of the board. Serve for four years term until their successors are elected. They may be reelected.

2.  The board meeting shall be held every six months. Special meeting may be called at the request of the chairman or of a half numbers of the board of directors and supervisors.

3.   Annual membership meeting shall be held annually to improve the organization.

4.   This association shall have an executive director who assists the chairman to handle the general affairs, and under the executive directorís supervision, consist of Secretary, Treasurer, Planner and Public Relations, totally four (4) departments. The directors and officials are appointed and given the wages by the chairman.

5.   The Association has several members for the initial chairman for indefinitely, honorary chairman, honorary vice chairman, honorary advisors, chairman medicine qualification identification, member of Chinese medicine delegation, and member of promotion and research of medicine products. It should also be passed by a majority vote of two-third of the members present a meeting of the board of directors and supervisors.

ARTICLE 4. The Associationís financial sources consist of:

1.   Membership fee once a year.
A. Individual membership fee.
B. Business organization membership fee.
C. Identification qualification donation fee.

2.   Charitable donation and gifts.

ARTICLE 5. The Articles shall be amended by:

1.  A majority vote of two-third of the members present at a meeting of the members, or

2.  A majority vote of three fourth of the members of the board present at a meeting of the board of directors and supervisors.

The Articles of Association will be adopted by board of directors and supervisors on Oct. 5, 1996 and submitted to American government for approval.



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