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International Martial Arts Medical University – Feng Mei    Oct., 04, 2007

      “Martial Arts Treatment” refers to martial artists’ use of Kungfu, acupressure and Tuina techniques to help the patients with “Chi” circulation in the channels and collaterals and to open up the blood circulation.  This is a medical treatment method that helps normalize the patient’s metabolism.  On the principle of “pain means obstruction and no pain means good circulation”, various techniques are used to stimulate the patient’s various acupoints.  After a period of interaction, the passive exercise performed on the patient will gradually become an active exercise and thereby achieving the purpose of changing the body from the state of unhealthiness to healthiness.

     “Acupressure” therapy dredges the channels and collaterals by putting pressure on acupoints.  This helps regulate qi and blood, nurse the functions of internal organs, support the healthy energy to eliminate evils through “acupressure” and thereby achieve prevention and treatment of illness.  In terms of modern medicine, acupressure treatment can regulate the function of nervous system and thereby achieve the suppression of pain and enhance body movement.

     “Tuina” therapy helps preventing illness through generation of “soreness, numbness, swollenness, pain, coolness, hotness” feelings.  Tuina therapy uses hand or other limbs to massage “acupoints”, “channels and collaterals” to help creating vital energies.  These vital energies then travel along the channels and collaterals in an orderly fashion to provide effective stimulation, and then are converted into factors that help preventing and treating illness and thereby achieve an equilibrium of Yin and Yang, and regulate the blood and qi, dispel Wind and remove Dampness, warm Channels to dispel Cold, invigorate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and reduce swelling and ease pain.


I.         Head Chi Street where Chi congregates at the brain;

II.       Chest Chi Street where Chi congregates at the lungs in the chest and at Lung Shu point;

III.     Abdomen Chi Street where Chi congregates at Bei-Shu points (Liver, Spleen, and Kidney shu points)and the Chong Channel;

IV.     Leg Chi Street where Chi congregates at Chengshan point and the upper and lower anklebone.

(Moreover, the three yang channels of the extremities travel to the Head Chi Street, the three yin channels of the hands travel to the Chest Chi Street, and the three yin channels of the feet travel to the Abdomen Chi Street.)

“Four Seas” refers to the coming together of Chi from twelve regular channels like the water on mother earth.  The final place of gathering is called “SEAS” WHICH INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING FOUR SEAS:

I.         Brain is called the “Sea of Medulla”.  Located on top of its key point is GV20 and on the bottom is GV16.

II.       Shanzhong is called the “Sea of Chi”.  Located behind its key point is GV14 and before it is ST9.

III.     Stomach is called the sea of food and nutrients.  On top of its key point is ST30 and below it is ST36.

IV.     Chong Channel is the sea of Chi and blood of twelve regular channels and is also called the sea of qi and blood of five viscera and six bowels.  On top of its key point is BL11 and below it is ST37, 39.

The “Four Seas” dominate the circulation of Chi and blood in the human body.

(Moreover: The circulation of channels Chi reaches as high as the upper jiao, that is the chest and also the Shanzhong point (CV17) to generate the sea of Chi.  In the middle, the circulation of channels Chi reaches the central jiao, also called the upper abdomen or stomach to generate the sea of nutrients.  The circulation of channels Chi reaches as low as the lower jiao, also called the lower abdomen or the Chong Channel to generate the sea of Chi and blood of twelve regular channels and the original Chi between the kidneys.)

Clinical Application: Through the use of tonification and removal (Bu-Xie) technique to beat, Tuina and press the key points of “Chi Street” and “Four Seas” can unblock the channels and collaterals, clear Chi and blood, and this has a special effect on middle and old-aged patients who suffer from apoplexy and partial paralysis.  The method is as follows:

1. For head apoplexy and paralysis, knocks and hits on the patient’s GV20, and presses the patient’s GV16 and GB20.

2. For chest apoplexy and paralysis, presses the patient’s CV17, GV14, ST9 and BL13.

3. For abdomen apoplexy and paralysis, knocks on the patient’s ST36, gently rubs the patient’s ST30 and BL18, 20 and 23.

4. For lower abdomen and lower limbs apoplexy and paralysis, knocks on the patient’s BL11, GV 4, ST37 and 39 along with BL57, KI3, 6, BL60, 62.

5. For full-body apoplexy and paralysis, Tuina and massage the various points of “Chi Street” and “Four Seas”.


CASE 1: Mr. Chen, 64 years old, suddenly fell down due to excessive drinking three years ago.  He began to have symptoms of apoplexy with lower left  body paralysisHe had difficulty walkingWhen he first arrived at the Center, he had to push and walk with crutches on both hands After I have given him therapy for one year on the key points of “Chi Street” and “Four Seas”, he was gradually able to walk with one single crutch and then gradually he was able to walk ten steps without a crutch.  The patient is still under treatment.


CASE 2: Ms. Guo, 60 years old, fell down six months ago when the bus she was riding on suddenly stopped.  She hit her head and went into coma and began to have symptoms of apoplexy.  In order words, she had facial paralysis and her two legs were in the state of catalepsy and unable to move.  She had to push and walk with crutches on both hands.  After I have given her therapy for two months on the key points of “Chi Street” and “Four Seas”, she was gradually able to walk with one single crutch. Now she is able to walk freely without crutches.


CASE 3: Ms. Wei, 75 years old, had suffered from protrusion of intervertebral disc and sciatica for a long timeThe pain hurt like hell.  She was unable to walk upright and had to push and walk with crutches on both hands.  After I have given her treatment for three months on the key points of “Chi Street” and “Four Seas”, the pain that she was suffering obviously alleviated or went away.  She can now walk upright without crutches without any problem.


         1. Therapy using various degree of Bu/Xie (Tonification / Removal) technique must be proceeded based on the physique, age and gender of the patient. 

         2. Sectional therapy on the key points targeting at sectional pathological changes shall be performed.

3. Effective functional exercises must also be used to prove the alleviation and recovery of the patient’s symptoms.

4. Other physiotherapy using warmer, hot pack and other lamp method must be used in concert with the therapy.


      The first two of the above three cases are patients who suffered from full body comprehensive symptoms.  Tuina and massage must be applied on various points of “Chi Street” and “Four Seas” on paralyzed sections.  The latter case required pressing stimulation of various degree on “Chi Street” of the leg area and the various points on Chong Channel along with circular jump points.  This can quickly disperse “qi” to the spine and its nerve center to cause nerve conduction in the spinal nerve control area.  Through the traveling of nerve fibers from the various parts of the body to the superior central nervous system, the sensor signals in various levels of the central nervous system will be regulated and controlled subsequently, and then integrated to restore body movement function and create pain suppressing effect.



International Martial Arts Federation 7th duan black belt     FENG MEI     March 26, 2008

1. “Zi Wu Liu Zhi”:

    Is the science theory basic on the relationship of human being’s energy and nature world time       space.  DETAIL IS:


2. Shao Lin “Zi Wu Liu Zhi”Charter


    子時(Zi shi)        23:00 -----   1:00   == 會陰穴(Ren1)

    丑時(Chou shi)  1:00 -----   3:00   == 命門穴(Du4)

    寅時(Yin shi)     3:00 -----   5:00   == 筋縮穴(Du8)

    卯時(Mao shi)     5:00 -----   7:00   == 至陽穴(Du9)

    辰時(Chen shi)   7:00 -----   9:00   ==   大椎穴(Du14)

    巳時(Si shi)         9:00 ----- 11:00   ==》  啞門穴(Du15)

    午時(Wu shi)      11:00 -----  13:00   == 百會穴(Du20)

    未時(Wei shi)     13:00 -----  15:00   ==》  印堂穴(YinTang)

    申時(Shen shi)  15:00 ----- 17:00   ==   天突穴(Ren22)

    酉時(You shi)   17:00 ----- 19:00   ==     膻中穴(Ren17)

    戌時(Xu shi)     19:00 ----- 21:00   ==    鳩尾穴(Ren15)

    亥時(Hai shi)    21:00 ----- 23:00   ==   神闕穴(Ren8)


3.The detail use way about “Zi Wu Liu Zhi”

   Point song:  

   Human body’s Qi has a schedule.

   it move day and night never stop.

   If it hit at any point by the time.

   he  will die in seven days if no treatment.


   Treatment song:

   Zi shi hurt the treatment should be Chou point,

   Yin point hurt the treatment should be Mao point.

   Don’t forget the herb treatment by different points,

   The other way is bleed the eight hui points.


    By the way bleed the eight hui points is:

    1. 內關穴(PC6 bleed)For chest and internal organ injury.

    2. 外關穴(TE5 bleed)For arms and legs injury.

    3. 列缺穴(LU7 bleed)For head and neck injury.

    4. 後溪穴(SI3bleed)For back injury.

    5. 照海穴(KI6 bleed)For chest and stomach injury.

    6. 申脈穴(UB62 bleed)For head and back injury.

    7. 公孫穴(SP4 bleed)For stomach injury.

    8. 足臨泣(GB41 bleed)For lower back and flank injury.


4. Discussion:

    So we understand “Zi Wu Liu Zhu” is very powerful in martial arts fighting. But, right now human being is into outer time space age, nearly distance attack is not enough for new generation human being, and to catch the best time space is the key to win the fighting.

    “Zi Wu Liu Zhu” give us a very good enlightening guidance, that is human being has biology clock for control the body energy field ( Qi field) that is time space, and also effective his attack speed, power and direction in fighting. if we can send biology energy electric(Qi) into the enemy’s body ( “Zi Wu Liu Zhu” points) to disturb his time space, and make his attack time space from fast space time to slow space time even time space stop, and during that time space field, we can attack or defense to win the fighting.

For example the Tai Chi is a kind of slow active movement it can make enemy into a slower space time and help to win the fighting.




About the Author

Feng Mei, 1990 graduated from Beijing University of physical education major martial arts. International Martial Arts 7th duan black belt. Studying Samra University of O.M. Master Degree, Chief instructor of International Martial Arts Federation, and international judge.1999 won outstanding gold medal prize at Hungary 7th world martial arts championship competition spear demonstration, and 4th traditional medicine achievement gold medal prize. 2001 participate to prepared Japan 8th world cup martial arts championship won world outstanding life time achievement prize. 2006 appointed as co-chairman of International Martial Arts Federation. 2007 won Taiwan 11th world cup championship yang style Tai Chi demonstration gold medal and world outstanding Chinese prize.






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