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World Cup Martial Arts Championship

The First World Cup Martial Arts Championship was held in Los Angeles on August 15, 1987. It was decided that the World Cup Martial Arts Championship would be held every two years.

2nd World Cup , Los Angeles, USA, September, 1989.

3rd World Cup, Madrid, Spain, November, 1991.

4th World Cup, Los Angeles, USA, June, 1993.

5th World Cup, Cordoba, Spain, April, 1995.

6th World Cup, Mendoza, Argentina, October, 1997.

7th World Cup, Budapest, Hungary, October, 1999.

8th World Cup, Tokyo, Japan, October, 2001.

9th World Cup, Asuncion, Paraguay, July, 2003.

10th World Cup, Milan, Italy, December, 2005.

11th World Cup, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, November, 2007.

12th World Cup, Seoul, South Korea, May, 2009.



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